The Art of Zen Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a holistic healing art based on finger pressure along a person’s meridians (energy channels), with the purpose of restoring the free flow of energy.

Free energy flow ensures pain relief and good health. At the same time, Shiatsu produces the pleasant feeling of deep relaxation, vitality, well-being, and revitalisation.

Shiatsu has its origins in Japan and its history goes back thousands of years. Shiatsu theory is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, Shiatsu is considered as a complementary therapy treatment and holds a prominent position in preventive treatment.

Shiatsu is applied on a lying receiver who wears comfortable clothes.

Shiatsu helps to relieve symptoms such as:
•    Musculosceletal pain or stiffness  – pain at the waist, the neck, the back, and/or the joints – rupture.
•    Digestive problems – gastric disturbance – colitis – constipation.
•    Gynecologic and hormonal imbalance – premenopausal syndrome – period problems.
•    Headaches or migraines, stress, tension and insomnia, tiredness and reduced stamina, concentration difficulty.
•    Provides support in difficult psychological – emotional situations, such as mourning, separation, etc.

The duration of a full Shiatsu session is 50-60 minutes.

Case history is taken at the first session and diagnosis with specific methods is performed at every session.

What Shiatsu is not.

For some reason, most people are under the impression that Shiatsu is some form of massage. The truth is that at certain areas massage techniques can be applied on the muscles and the skin, however Shiatsu is not a form of massage.

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork and the Shiatsu practitioner uses finger pressure and the human touch in a way that encourages the receiver’s Ki (energy) to flow, not only on the surface of the body, which is the area of the muscles and the skin, but in a deeper level, which includes the vital organs and the meridians.

The human body is not formed simply from matter, but mainly from energy (Ki). Energy flows along channels and pathways known as ‘meridians‘ and, in different degrees of density, it forms and gives shape to the different bodies and levels of consciousness of the human being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body).

Shiatsu is an energy healing art that focuses on how we can facilitate the movement of energy (Ki), so that Ki may flow freely and smoothly throughout all the individual bodies and levels of consciousness of a human being.

In Shiatsu, energy flow is created through the appropriate form of penetration into meridians and acupuncture points, known from the theoretical framework and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

For this purpose, Shiatsu practitioners may use their fingers and mostly the thumbs, palms and forearms, elbows and knees, to work on the meridian system and create energy flow throughout the entire body and Energy Field of the human being.

The movements and techniques performed by a Shiatsu practitioner are very different from any movements applied in massage.

Furthermore, Shiatsu is performed with clothes on and with the receiver lying on a large, especially manufactured mat called ‘futon’, on the floor.

Shiatsu practitioners may be working on a more physical level by applying stretching techniques for instance, or they may be working on a more ethereal level by applying more subtle techniques that encourage the internal (inner) flow of energy. The latter may appear as practically mimimum movement on the physical body.  On the physical level again, moxa and cupping are traditional Chinese medicine practices that may also be applied by some practitioners.

A Shiatsu session lasts approximately 50-60 minutes. Case history is taken at the first session and diagnosis with specialised methods is performed at every session. A Shiatsu session is based mostly on diagnosis from the Hara, which corresponds to the abdomen on the physical level.

Shiatsu has been resembled to finger acupuncture, because it uses the Traditional Oriental Medicine acupuncture points to facilitate energy flow.  However, the focus of a Shiatsu practitioner is not so much on the points per se, as οn creating or facilitating energy flow along the meridians.

If we consider that disease is actually the physical manifestation of a disharmony (blockage) in the flow of energy (Ki), then we understand that we can deter blockages from forming in the Human Energy Eield (aka the Aura) and consequently from manifesting in the physical body (i.e. as pain, distress or disease) by facilitating energy flow.

So, even though relaxation is always essential, Shiatsu offers so much more…

Shiatsu in its highest form is a healing art that addresses the human being holistically, pertains to complementary and alternative health care practices, and holds a prominent position in preventive treatment.

Why is it called ‘Zen Shiatsu’?

The main feature that differentiates Zen Shiatsu from other styles of Shiatsu is the (zen) meditative state the practitioner enters, with the purpose of attuning and listening to the ways the receiver’s body and energy respond to treatment. The receiver’s response indicates which areas need balance. Hara diagnosis (abdominal assessment) and the receiver’s response are pivotal factors in forming the structure of a Zen Shiatsu session.

The term ‘Zen’ excludes any mechanical motion that lacks substantial and conscious participation on the practitioner’s part.  The human touch in Shiatsu is a tool for scanning, attuning and listening to the needs of the receiver energy-wise. In Zen Shiatsu the skill of making contact through the human touch requires that practitioners apply not only their fingers or palms, but their entire consciousness to Shiatsu.

It is common knowledge that we can transform the Energy Field of a certain situation by bringing our consciousness (i.e. attention) to that situation.  This is a very basic energy principle.

Hence, practitioners in Zen Shiatsu enter a (zen) meditative state in order to bring their entire consciousness to Shiatsu and be totally present in every movement, at every moment.

It has further been claimed that all it takes on the part of the practitioner to make a difference in the condition of the receiver is simply the act of focusing consciousness, without taking any actual action on the physical plane. However, this requires a giver with exceptional development energy-wise, who operates on a very high level (Shiatsu Master). In most cases, it’s the practitioner’s Presence with Awareness in conjuction with the Zen Shiatsu techniques that allow the form of the energy field to change, balance to take place and Ki (energy) to flow freely both on the physical (manifested) and on the energy (non-manifested) body of the receiver’s consciousness.

The main difference from other Shiatsu styles is that, in Zen Shiatsu, the technique is at the service of Presence with Awareness and, therefore, it is not an end in itself.

Here is also some historical data:

Zen Shiatsu was established by Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981).

Shizuto Masunaga was born and raised by a family of Shiatsu practitioners. Shizuto studied psychology and decided, following his studies, to pursue his interest in the Art of Shiatsu. While studying the traditional medical documents, he investigated the practical and clinical applications of Shiatsu.

Masunaga bridged the theory of Traditional Oriental Medicine, upon which Shiatsu is based, with modern Western physiology. Furthermore, he reviewed the system of traditional meridians and he remodeled that system, by locating extensions to the meridias that were known up until then.

But again, Masunaga did not regard the meridians simply as channels through which energy flows. Rather, Masunaga viewed the meridians as carriers of specific functions, which he described in his theory (i.e. the Zen Shiatsu theory). Hence, meridians became truly significant and valued, as they were thereafter closely associated with specific qualities of energy and specific functions, such as setting boundaries, the survival impetus, the courage to overcome fear, as well as the qualities of patience and determination amongst others.

The Principle of Harmonic Resonance in the Art of Zen Shiatsu

[Για να διαβάσετε το άρθρο αυτό στα ελληνικά, κάντε κλικ εδώ].

Modern scientific research has proved that every living organism and, consequently, the human being consists of and is surrounded by a Field of Electromagnetic Energy. Likewise, on the microscopic level, every system, organ, tissue, cell, and molecule of the human body has its own Field of Electromagnetic Energy.

Anything and everything that happens inside and outside the human body is energy exchange. The movement, flow, and exchange of energy is essential to life.

Electromagnetic radiation outflowing from the main energy centers (chakras) of the human energy field.

Every system, organ, tissue, cell, and molecule of the human body vibrates within a certain range of frequency and there are many levels of vibrational frequency. An object can have more than one natural frequency. These are called harmonics. Every system, organ, tissue, cell, and molecule has an ‘ideal’ frequency, a Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF). The same applies to meridians, pathways through which energy flows and is distributed in the Electromagnetic Field of Energy (also known as the Aura). Every meridian has its own ‘ideal’ frequency, its Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF), that ensures the free and smooth flow of energy along the specific meridian.

If the Harmonic Resonance Frequency corresponds to good health and well-being, then pathology in terms of vibrational healing is simply a divergence from the ‘ideal’ frequency which an organ is supposed to vibrate on. The same applies to the meridian that carries the energy that is typical of this organ throughout the human energy field.

The physical (manifested in material form) body and the subtler (non manifested) bodies of the human energy field.

Electromagnetic fields are fields of information and energy. Healing arts use the term ‘consciousness’ to describe what electromagnetic fields consist of. However, consciousness is far more than that. Consciousness is the life force that sustains the entire Human Energy Field (HEF), among other things.

The divergence of an organ or system or meridian from the Harmonic Resonance Frequency may manifest itself on the level of biochemistry as chemical imbalance. However, on the electromagnetic plane, it exists as a disturbance in the flow of energy and the information field that corresponds to that specific part of human consciousness (organ, system, meridian, etc.) This disturbance can be commonly described by terms such as ‘blockage’, ‘pain’, ‘illness’, ‘disease’.

If we resemble an organ of the human body or a meridian to a musical instrument, then we could say that an organ with some form of pathology or a blocked part of a meridian is like a musical instrument that needs to be … tuned. In terms of vibrational healing this means resetting the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF) that is required for the organ or the meridian to operate normally and at its full potential.

In the art of Zen Shiatsu, tuning and resetting the receiver’s vibrational frequency is exactly what takes place on the electromagnetic plane. To begin with, practitioners produce the Harmonic Resonance Frequency in their own electromagnetic fields, by experiencing this quality of energy both mentally and emotionally. This quality of energy could be support, acceptance, nourishment, determination, stability, and so on. Subsequently, practitioners project the HRF to the receiver through their consciousness and they transfer this frequency through the appropriate form of penetration into the receiver’s meridian system.

Finger energy fields as they have been photographed with Kirlian photography (electrophotography).

Since the Harmonic Resonance Frequency is a higher quality of energy and therefore a stronger vibration than the divergent – lower vibrational frequency of pathology, it has the tendency to drift the lower frequency towards its higher and ‘ideal’ frequency, thus restoring energy flow and information flow, thus restoring health and balance.

It is simply a matter of time until the shift in the field of electromagnetic energy is transferred to the physical body, which the Human Energy Field (HEF) is inextricably linked to.

When the frequencies of two or more sources are in alignment, they are in a state of Vibrational or Harmonic Resonance.

The Energy Principle of Harmonic Resonance is one of the principles that accounts for the healing power and healing effect of Shiatsu. The healing power of music is based on the same principle, i.e. harmonic resonance.

Related sources:

“Introducing a needed frequency into an individual’s energy field reminds the body biofield of its original energetic blueprint so it can be brought back into resonance or harmony with it. [...] Keep in mind that although the imbalance may only be showing in one area of the mind or body, it affects the entire field and therefore the whole person. [...] That is where the remedies and energy healing come in. They are tools we can use to introduce the higher energy into our fields and help raise our frequency to a healthier level. All vibrational energy healing methods influence the body and energy field in some way by changing its frequency. Vibrational healers channel a higher energy frequency in order to raise an individual’s frequency or vibration. They act as a catalyst to healing and transformation by transferring their energy frequencies into the physical body. By using resonant vibration, your body (which we now know to be energy) can be restored”.

“Energy Medicine takes the perspective that energy is a vital, living, moving force that is integral to our health, wellness & happiness. In Energy Medicine, energy is the medicine, and energy is the patient. [...] There are many forms of Energy Medicine from the more ancient and established forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Crystal Healing, Shiatsu, Reiki, and Macrobiotics to name but a few, to the forms of Hands on healing, light, colour, and sound healing”.

“The Five Shen are the spirits associated with each of the body’s five yin organ-systems (Heart, Kidney, Spleen, Liver, and Lungs). The Five Shen, when in balance, vibrate with a resonant beauty not unlike the planets’ “Harmony of the Spheres”.

“From molecular science to string theory, modern researchers are proving what ancient sages have taught for millennia – that our body responds to vibration and that the trillions of cells inside of us form one grand symphony of sound… If it’s true that all matter is composed of vibrating strands of energy, so are we. In this scenario, the body itself is literally a symphony of strings. Our cells, organs and tissues vibrate. Billions upon billions of frequencies interact with each other and resonate within us”.

The Principle of Expansion as applied to Shiatsu

[Για να διαβάσετε το άρθρο αυτό στα ελληνικά, κάντε κλικ εδώ].

Sages used to say: ‘Solve et coagula’.
Id est, ‘gather and spread your energy out, depending on the circumstances’.
Paulo Coelho, The Manual of the Warrior of Light

According to Physics, the two fundamental principles of the Universe are contraction and expansion. The very same science has proved that everything is energy, and that energy expands and contracts to varying degrees. When energy expands it becomes sparser and when it contracts it becomes denser. When energy contracts to the maximum extent, it becomes so dense that it forms matter. Conversely, when energy expands to the maximum extent, it becomes so sparse that it’s invisible to us, and this is so because high energy frequencies are far beyond the electromagnetic frequency spectrum of the physical sensory organs of the human being.

Electromagnetic radiation (emr) wavelength

For example, who can hear the entire frequency spectrum of dolphin ultrasounds? ( Who can see through their physical eyes the energies that in Physics are known as ‘forces’ and apply to all physical objects? For instance, who can see the force of gravity? It was not until Sir Isaac Newton observed the fall of an apple from a tree (in 1669), that the (‘modern’) world became aware of the law of gravity! (And God knows what Newton went through to bring what is known to us as one of the most fundamental laws of classic Physics to the light of scientific discoveries in his time…)

“However, what is ‘force’? What we perceive are the results of forces applied to the physical world and not the forces themselves. The most clear idea we have regarding ‘force’ is that force is applied when we pull or push an object.” (

But let’s come back to our subject. If we, humans, are plainly a miniature of the Universe, and if the principles of expansion and contraction are essential to the Universe, then the same principles are also essential to us. If we are indeed part of this Universe, then the same principles that apply to the Universe also apply to us.

There are specific functions inside the human body, where the principles of expansion and contraction become manifest and can be perceived on the physical level. Breathing is one of them. Inhalation occurs when we contract the diaphragm muscles and expand the chest. Exhalation occurs naturally, when the diaphragm and chest relax, thus reducing lung volume. We can also exhale in a less natural way, by contracting the abdominal muscles. This contraction causes the diaphragm to expand like a piston. Blood pressure is another example of the dynamic process of contraction and expansion of the heart that channels the blood inside the arterial system.

In the same manner that the diaphragm, the heart, and the Universe contract and expand, the Human Energy Field contracts and expands as well. The principles of contraction and expansion that apply to the Universal Energy Field (UEF) apply respectively to the Human Energy Field (sometimes called the Aura). This means that our Energy Field contracts and expands just like the UEF (though at a different pace).

Scientists affirm that we live in an expanding Universe. They say: “We know this because we see galaxies and groups of galaxies progressively moving apart in the Universe at an accelerated pace”. (

With respect to the art of Shiatsu, when practicing Shiatsu, one is in a state of expansion energy-wise, very much like the Universe itself. As far as the practitioner is concerned, the application of Shiatsu is noticeably a case of expansion of energy.

As Shiatsu practitioners, in order to restore energy flow and information flow in the receiver’s Energy Field, we project through our own Energy Fields (Aura or consciousness if you will) the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF), i.e. the frequency that restores balance in the receiver’s Energy Field, by using the power of intention and the appropriate form of finger pressure.

In the ‘traditional’ Shiatsu terminology we say that the practitioner projects the Ki (meaning the energy) from the Hara, i.e. the Energy Field of the lower abdomen. The energy (Ki) we project or – to put it in more scientific terms – the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF) we project is transferred through our fingers – mainly through our thumbs – to the receiver’s meridian system.

When we, as practitioners, project our Ki from the Hara, our Energy Field is expanding. If we resemble Ki projected from the Hara to a beam of light that expands from our lower abdomen to the receiver’s field, then it is understood that we give this kind of energy a very clear direction: this is what we call ‘targeted energy transfer‘. Energy is targeted with our intention and is transferred with the correct positioning of our hands on the receiver’s body. And this is so simply because we can target the energy (Ki) projected from the Hara in the same manner that we can target a laser beam or our thoughts. The frequencies our Energy Field consists of can be targeted with the power of intention and the power of thought.

The Ki goes where the mind goes‘. In the healing art of Shiatsu we select the most adequate frequency (HRF) depending on the needs of the receiver, as these needs become manifest in diagnosis. This is the frequency (HRF / Ki) that restores balance in the Energy Field of the receiver and this is the frequency that we project to the receiver’s field. Subsequently, we transfer this  frequency (HRF / Ki) via the appropriate form of penetration (i.e. finger pressure) into the receiver’s meridian system.

Ki (energy) projected through the index finger

We can also understand that during the projection of Ki the giver’s Energy Field expands. Expansion of energy from the lower abdomen (Hara) is required, so that Ki may move towards the direction the practitioner conveys through the appropriate form of finger pressure (penetration). In this manner Ki projected from the Hara is introduced or channeled into the receiver’s Energy Field, in order to reset the receiver’s vibrational frequency for the purpose of restoring health and balance.

The final destination (target) of the Ki (energy) that practitioners project from the Hara may be specific acupuncture points (trigger points) that need to be activated, simply because these acu points facilitate energy flow in specific ways. It may also be the part of a meridian or an area in the receiver’s body where energy is not flowing for any reason whatsoever, as in the case of physical or emotional trauma.

The Principle of Expansion is what allows the practioners’ Energy Field to expand sufficiently, so that practitioners may project the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF) through their fields and channel or introduce this frequency into the receiver’s Field via the appropriate form of finger pressure. Balance in Shiatsu occurs through the harmonic resonance of two Energy Fields, the Field of the practitioner and the Field of the receiver.

See also: The Principle of Harmonic Resonance in the art of Zen Shiatsu.

Related sources:

“Have you ever considered that the two fundamental principles of the Universe are expansion and contraction? Physics has proved to us that everything is energy, and that the basic variable distinguishing the various manifestations of energy is density of form”.

“The universe we live in is expanding. We know this because we see galaxies and groups of galaxies steadily moving apart in the universe”.

In 2011, the Nobel prize in Physics was awarded to Brian P. Schmidt and Adam G. Riess “for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae (type 1a)”. Τheir weakened light finally showed that the universe is expanding at an accelerated pace.

[...] In order to expand we must first contract, just like anything else in this world. The only way to expand our mind consciousness is to experience what contraction means. When we contract our consciousness, we become puppets of our own thought patterns and unconscious negative beliefs regarding our existence. [...] When our mind consciousness expands outside the constrictions of our box, we become limitless in infinite possibilities of our highest potential, expansive and living in multi-dimensional Universes of our Existence. We become soul-empowered beings operating within our hearts, burning in fire and passion for this light to shine.

Shiatsu and the New Science of Healing

The New Science of Healing is a concept that has emerged over the past years to describe the Ancient Science of Healing that is becoming new again. This ‘new’ yet at the same time ancient science regards natural healing with the Coherent Light of the Living Matrix. There are quite a few ancient and natural systems of healing – also known as energy healing arts – that use the Coherent Light of the Living Matrix for therapeutic purposes. Shiatsu is one of them.

But to begin with, what is the Living Matrix?

The Living Matrix is the collective whole of an organism, including its energies, tissues, cells, systems, and that which connects them. (Jonas: Mosby’s Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (c) 2005, Elsevier)

Here is some related historical data:

In the late 1960’s, Herbert Fröhlich, Doctor of Physics specialised in Biological Coherence, forecasted that the organs in our body have an “inherent coherent radiation” and that each vibrates at a certain frequency.

Next question: What is coherence?

Coherence or cohesion is the intermolecular attraction by which the elements of a body are held together.

Dr. Fröhlich made the hypothesis that the living matrix must produce coherent or laser-like oscillations. He also said that coherent vibrations recognize no boundaries. Later, the findings of Dr. Fröhlich’s research were validated independently and confirmed in a number of laboratories.

In 2000, Dr. James L.Oschman, a renowned scientist in Biophysics & Biology, documented in his book “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” how cells communicate to one another through coherent light. James Oschman also stated that “Crystalline components of the living matrix act as coherent molecular antennas, radiating and receiving signals”.

I find it very interesting that “light energy” as a term had already emerged since 1924, when Albert Einstein and other scientists began exploring this new field of knowledge.

But in order to understand what light energy is in the context of the healing process, let’s have a look at a laser first.

What is a laser? “A laser is a coherent, focused beam of light that emits photon energy”. Healing lasers increase cellular regeneration and cellular communication by transmitting photon energy. Additional energy packets (ATPs) are produced within specialised cells of the body called mitochondria. The additional energy available can be used by all systems in the body. This kind of energy also speeds the healing process wherever there are problems in the body (

But what is photon energy? What is a photon?

“In physics, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force”. (Wikipedia)

And what are biophotons? (Etymology: from the Greek words “βίος” meaning “life” and “φῶς” meaning “light”)

Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – in other words: light. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment. This light emission is an expression of the functional state of the living organism. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, can be discriminated by typical differences in biophoton emission.” (

“These biophotons, traveling at the speed of light, make up the electromagnetic frequency patterns that are found in every living organism. This matrix or field of frequency oscillations or resonance specificity provides the energetic switchboarding behind every cellular function, including DNA/RNA messengering.” (

“German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp, Ph.D., a Nobel Prize nominee in physics, investigated the relationship between coherence and the biophoton energy in our cells. Professor Popp used highly sensitive light-measuring equipment to monitor the light emitted by living cells. He was able to confirm that living cells emit small bursts of light. He determined that cells do not just radiate light, they also absorb light.” (

According to Professor Popp, every cell in our body receives coherent light, stores coherent light, and emits coherent light.

Biophotonic intercommunication

Interestingly enough, scientists also affirm that biological water (water in our biology) is a coherent system with laser-like properties that retains and releases electromagnetic information (see also the Spark of Life).

So, just to recapulate: Back in 1924 Albert Einstein spoke of ‘light energy’. In the 1960’s, Dr. Fröhlich made the hypothesis that the living matrix must produce coherent or laser-like oscillations. Later, the findings of his research were confirmed in laboratories. In our time, James Oschman has documented that the living matrix consists of crystalline components that radiate photon energy. And Professor Popp affirms that every cell in our body receives coherent light, stores coherent light, and emits coherent light.

This is great. But what does all this have to do with Shiatsu?

Well, if humans radiate and absorb biophoton energy, then the same principle is applied when practising Shiatsu, as well as any other vibrational healing art, such as Reiki for example. So, we can understand that practitioners produce coherent or laser-like oscillations and radiate biophoton energy without the use of any mechanical equipment whatsoever. We can also understand that practitioners are humans who know the best ways to focus, project and transfer this kind of energy through the human touch from their own electromagnetic fields to the fields of the receivers for therapeutic purposes. Last but not least, we understand that the receivers have the inherent natural ability to absorb this laser-like energy as well as that this energy is stored in their cells and can be used by all body systems to speed up the healing process.

If focused transmission of photon energy through laser beams can speed up the healing process in living systems, then Shiatsu and all healing arts that are based on targeted biophoton energy transfer through the Human Energy Field (HEF) for therapeutic purposes can do the same.

If lasers can heal in this sense, humans can heal as well. And this is so “mystic” – such a big secret – that literature is available online!

Related sources:

Coherent Light and the Body:

“While pathology may manifest as chemical imbalances, the underlying problem is electromagnetic. Hence providing the correct or healthy frequency, and entraining the oscillations back to coherence can often restore balance. These are profoundly significant concepts for all therapeutic approaches to the body. The whole field of chemical analysis by spectroscopy shows that there is a fundamental duality between chemical structure and coherent oscillations. Coherent vibrations in living systems are as fundamental as chemical bonds (Smith 1994).”

Biophotons – The Light in Our Cells:

“According to the biophoton theory developed on the base of these discoveries the biophoton light is stored in the cells of the organism – more precisely, in the DNA molecules of their nuclei – and a dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA may connect cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as the organism’s main communication network and as the principal regulating instance for all life processes. The processes of morphogenesis, growth, differentiation and regeneration are also explained by the structuring and regulating activity of the coherent biophoton field. The holographic biophoton field of the brain and the nervous system, and maybe even that of the whole organism, may also be the basis of memory and other phenomena of consciousness, as postulated by neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others. The consciousness-like coherence properties of the biophoton field are closely related to its base in the properties of the physical vacuum and indicate its possible role as an interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness.”

Cold laser –

“Coherent energy is critical when treating the body. ‘Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis’ (by James L. Oschman) gives several examples as to the importance of coherence”. [...] “Once delivered, light energy promotes the process of photobiostimulation. The positive effect of photobiostimulation on animal cells is analogous to photosynthesis in plant cells, where a chain of chemical reactions is set in motion. In human tissue, the resulting photochemical reaction produces an increase in the cellular metabolism rate, which expedites cell repair and stimulation of the immune, lymphatic and vascular systems.”

Does DNA Emit Light?

“Photons switch on the body’s processes like an orchestra conductor bringing each individual instrument into the collective sound. At different frequencies, they perform different functions. Popp found that molecules in the cells responded to certain frequencies, and that a range of vibrations from the photons caused a variety of frequencies in other molecules of the body.” [...] “There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon. Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions. We are swimming in an ocean of light.”

Emotions, Shiatsu, and the DNA

[Για να διαβάσετε το άρθρο στα ελληνικά, κάντε κλικ εδώ].

How do emotions affect the DNA? How can we use the power of emotions to change a condition that could be harmful to our DNA and to our immune system? How can we bring a change to this condition with Shiatsu? How can we access such a condition through Shiatsu?

Shiatsu holds a prominent position in preventive treatment, because practitioners – and all vibrational healers likewise – can access any condition that is about to manifest itself in the human body by accessing the Human Energy Field.

Albert Einstein

Here’s what Albert Einstein said about the Energy Field of a particle:

The field is the sole governing agency of the particle. The field is the only reality.

In our time, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., says: “Not only does matter interact with the invisible field, it turns out the field is the most important factor controlling the expression of matter. Since Einstein uses the term particle to represent ‘matter’, he is acknowledging that the field controls our physical reality” (

If we apply this principle to vibrational healing and to Shiatsu, it turns out that:

The Human Energy Field that surrounds and permeates the physical body is the sole governing agency of the human body. Therefore, the Human Energy Field controls manifestations on the physical body.

This principle is so important because it means that we can introduce changes into the physical body by accessing the Human Energy Field (HEF).

Human Energy Field (Aura)

It is my understanding and my firm belief that this principle is applied to Shiatsu, because practitioners introduce high energy frequencies into the electromagnetic field of the receiver. High energy frequencies are frequencies of strong, positive feelings that practitioners produce in their own electromagnetic fields or Human Energy Fields (HEF) by experiencing them both mentally and emotionally. These could be qualities of energy such as support, empowerment, acceptance, nourishment, courage, strength, determination, decisiveness, stability, and so on. These strong and high energy frequencies are then transferred to the receiver via the therapeutic touch, via technique and the appropriate form of finger pressure.

By nature these frequencies have the power to tune and reset the overall vibrational frequency of the receiver and bring it back into Harmonic Resonance, i.e. in resonance with the frequency of equilibrium and harmony, in resonance with the frequency of health and balance. These are Harmonic Resonance Frequencies (HRF) and in Zen Shiatsu these frequencies can be transferred from the electromagnetic field of the practitioner and introduced into the field of the receiver through the Zen Shiatsu techniques and particularly through the appropriate form of finger pressure on the receiver’s meridian system (see also The Principle of Harmonic Resonance).

“Everything in the Universe has a characteristic resonance or frequency. Quantum Physics addresses the issue of the resonances of everything being connected and the information transmitted by frequency resonances. For example, electromagnetic fields can change protein synthesis” (The Science of Innate Intelligence).

But let’s come back to our subject. Why is it important in the context of the healing process to have strong, positive emotions and project these emotions to the receiver? What effect do emotions have on another human being and on our biology?

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory upon which Shiatsu is based, powerful and mostly negative emotions – i.e. low vibrational frequencies – that are produced and experienced for a long period of time, unless managed properly, are likely to affect our health so much that they could actually lead to disease in the long term. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acknowledges the following emotions or emotional states as ‘internal causes of disease’, if experienced to a considerable degree and for a long period of time: fear, anger, excessive joy, worry, sorrow / grief, and shock. These feelings affect respectively the body’s internal Yin organs: the Kidneys, the Liver, the Heart, the Spleen, and the Lungs. According to TCM theory, any strong feeling that is produced and experienced for a long period of time can affect the human heart in one way or the other.

But let’s see what an important person of our time, Gregg Braden, author of ‘The Language of the Divine Matrix’ and former scientist, has to say.

Gregg Braden

Albert Einstein said:”The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Gregg Braden says: “The field that connects everything together is what he (i.e. Einstein) called the governing agency of the particle. The field determines how the atom behaves. The field that we’re talking about is made of electrical energy and magnetic energy. Two energies. The field that holds everything together. If you change the electric field, then you will change the way the atom behaves. There is actually a name for this – it is called the Stark Effect. If you change the magnetic field – it’s called the Zeeman Effect – you change the atom. Science knows today: if you change the electrical field or if you change the magnetic field, you change the atom.”

So, here are two very basic principles in Quantum Physics:

1. “The quantum atom is made of waves of energy rather than particles of things”, and

2. “If you want to change an atom, you have to change the energy the atom lives in.”


In the video below, ‘The Language of the Divine Matrix’, Gregg Braden goes on to say:

“There is one organ in your body that produces the strongest electrical field and the strongest magnetic field: Your heart! And it’s where you have the feeling. That feeling is actually creating waves of electrical and magnetic energy in your heart. It changes your body and changes your world. And this is what the ancient understood, and (this is) what they left in their temples and their texts. [...] The heart’s electrical field (EKG) is up to 100 times stronger than the brain’s EEG. The heart’s magnetic field is up to 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field. Our heart produces the fields that change our world and change our body.”

Institute of HeartMath

“[...] The HeartMath Institute showed that around every heart there’s a field of energy that we can measure. This field is there. In nature this field extends to many, many meters from where your heart actually exists. The question that they (i.e. the scientists) asked is: ‘What effect does the heart have on the DNA of our bodies?’ What scientists have found is that some emotions will relax the helix and some emotions will contract that helix (video, 01:19:00). When the DNA is relaxed you are healthy, you have a strong immune system, your DHI levels are high. And when the DNA is tight, your immune system suffers, your DHI levels are low.”

“So they (i.e. the scientists) asked the question: What happens if we change the way we feel in our hearts? What effect does it have on the DNA? What they found is that in the presence of positive emotions – gratitude, appreciation, love, and compassion – relaxed DNA strands in a positive, life-affirming wave. The presence of anger, jealousy, hate, rage, frustration ‘tightened’ the coils of DNA. And all that the people did (i.e. in the related experiment) is to have a feeling. They had a feeling and they changed the DNA in their body! This is the actual report – here is what is says: ‘Individuals trained in feelings of deep love and appreciation were able to intentionally change the shape of their DNA’. By having the right feeling, the right belief in their heart, they changed the DNA in their body, they changed their immune system, they changed their hormone levels of DHEA, they changed their lives.”

“The study goes on to say this: It says that ‘human emotion produces effects which defy conventional laws of electromagnetism and their relationship to time and space’. You and I can create a feeling in our bodies, and when we have that feeling, we are no longer limited by the laws of Physics as we know these laws today! We are no longer limited by the laws of Biology as we know these laws today! And all we do is have a feeling in our bodies. That’s how powerful you are.”

“Here’s the bottom line (video, 1:22:12) to these discoveries:

1. Emotion Changes DNA!

2. DNA Changes Matter!

The DNA changes the matter of the world. The DNA changes the photons, the ‘stuff’ our world is made of. If you take out the middle section, what we’re now saying is that: Emotion Changes Matter! This is what the Ancient Traditions always said, that you have a power inside of your body that affects the world beyond your body.”

The Heart Field by The HeartMath Institute

So, it turns out that the human heart is much more that a pump of blood for the human body. And emotions are not purely mental expressions, as it was assumed in the old paradigm. It is the human heart that produces our feelings, and feelings are electromagnetic energy waves that affect our DNA. This is the scientific evidence and reason why strong, positive feelings are important to any healing system or therapeutic approach. It is my personal belief that a strong positive feeling is a Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF) and that frequency in conjunction with the appropriate therapeutic technique can bring a system back into harmony, back into resonance with balance and health.

The Principle of Harmonic Resonance

So far, from my limited experience as a practitioner, my understanding is that in Zen Shiatsu there is a question of experiencing, projecting and transfering the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF) to the receiver, while at the same time having no emotional attachment whatsoever to the outcome of the treatment. I have come to believe that this is yet another reason why Zen Shiatsu – when practiced in this regard- is truly an art of healing.

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